Communication of Bernard Le Moine, CIPA’s general secretary to the CIDAPA Congress (Latin America), Conception, Chile, April 2022.

“0 plastics on field, 100% recycled” is achievable. The plasticulture community has well identified new challenge it is facing to leave a cleaner planet to next generations while keeping all the advantages of the plastic in agriculture. As any other plastics, when not properly handled, agri-plastic will be questioned by the civil society and be subject to banishment measures or heavy taxes. As professional we know than banishment and taxes will not beneficiate to farmers, the production, and the industry, neither for the environment.

If our generation has identified this tremendous challenge, it belongs to us to develop and provide solutions to farmer for a sustainable agri-plastic waste management. To the extent that the market does not take care itself of the end-of-life, it is the responsibility to the plasticulture community to do it. Farmers, distributors, industry and researchers must be mobilized together and on a mutualized manner for this exciting and virtuous project.



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