Comité International des Plastiques en Agriculture

CIPA is an international association dealing with all aspect of plastics in agriculture

CIPA play a continuous increasing role in the growing demand of the mankind feeding.  Plasticulture improves production in quantity and quality, using less pesticides, fertilizers, waters, etc. Since the beginning, the plasticulture community is involved in the environment protection, reducing the negative impact of the agricultural production. Once collected, plastics wastes from agriculture can be recycled.

The CIPA develops its activities toward the organization of international symposia “CIPA Congress”, the international review “Plasticulture” and exchange with national and international associations, companies and organisms involved with plasticulture.

Plasticuture: Definition

Are related with “plasticulture” all plastics products used to insure the agricultural production. Are considerated all non-packaging products for vegetable (greenhouses, small tunnel, mulching, net, irrigation…) or animal production (silage, stretch, twines, nets…). Mainly made of low density polyethylene or polypropylene polymer, plasticulture consider also biodegradable products.



CIPA partner of the Plastic Summit Global Event – Lisbon October 17th 2022
After two years fighting COVID-19 virus, it was found that plastics played a key role in protecting public health, namely in preventing the spread of the virus, in hygiene, in food safety as well preventing food waste.
Communication of Bernard Le Moine, CIPA’s general secretary to the CIDAPA Congress (Latin America), Conception, Chile, April 2022.