Comité International des Plastiques en Agriculture, missions

CIPA & plasticulture: CIPA act in the interest of the plasticultures community in order
to promote the usage of plastic in agriculture. Missions & objectives are as followed:

  • To offer an international exchange platform between national committees;
  • To provide information to world plastic community on research and studies relating to the use of plastic materials in agriculture;
  • To encourage, in the widest economic sense, solutions to scientific and technical problems in the field of plastics in agriculture, through total international harmonisation;
  • To promote experimentation of plastics in agriculture and standardisations. This activity will encourage the creation of quality standards, subjected to CIPA assessment, in order to achieve international standards;
  • To study and analyse any relevant questions related to plastics in agriculture and the environment.

International exchange platform between national committees.

The XXth CIPA Congress held in Saltiho (Mexico). « This is an event of global importance,
where experts from different countries debate about the most recent scientific advances
in the use of plastics in agriculture. » More than 45 presentations have been issued.


European farmers defend the European model of agri-plastic waste management